Bone Collector - Michael Waddell


Bone Collector, LLC is a vision of the hunting personality, Michael Waddell.  Bone Collector began as a television show airing on Outdoor Channel, that rapidly erupted into one of the top retail brands in the outdoor market.  Having over 35 different licensees, Bone Collector has stepped into non-hunting demographic with it’s eye catching, cool skull logo with eyes mark.  Currently Bone Collector has a vast array of products offered in the distribution networks.

The Bone Collector footwear collection features a broad spectrum of styles that the Brotherhood brethren have been craving.  The lineup features a variety of fashionable casual shoes, the latest laid back sandal styles, as well as, true to the core hardcore technical hunting boots.  Each piece will have the Bone Collector quality, comfort and appeal that has come to be expected when the Bone Collector mark is displayed.  Michael, Nick and Travis will each play a vital role in the design, fit and function of this fine quality footwear, assuring that this collection fits the needs and desires of the everyday consumer.  Select quality leathers, rubber bottoms, when combined with Realtree’s camoflauge accents will make this footwear a style of choice.